Why DPP?

Here at Disinfection Protection Pros, we ensure complete disinfection without the use of toxic chemicals. Our partnership with Vital Solutions LLC, developers of Vital Oxide, allows us to say that our service is effective against COVID-19, Swine Flu, Ebola, E-Coli, Staph, and many other harmful pathogens. More importantly, we also treat stale odors, mold, and allergens. Click below to learn more about our chemical solution.

A Versatile Product

  • Mold & Mildew Killer
  • Odor Eliminator
  • Allergen Eliminator

Our Product Is Vetted At
The Highest Offices

Our disinfecting solution is thoroughly vetted by both the EPA and NSF. As a registered D-2 disinfectant spray, that means you can spray it directly on skin or food-contact surfaces without needing to immediately wash it off. Many companies are out there disinfecting buildings, but not many are utilizing a solution that does not require protective gear, full-body suits, and facemasks. Feel secure that the job will get done right, and without the harmful repercussions of having a disinfected environment.

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You Will Love The Numbers

One barrel can return 19x on your money when sold as an added service to your customers. The product has a residual effect for up to 90-days – depending on the surface – and can help bring added value through your drive. As seen from the chart below, a small up-charge can yield a significant return on your investment. We do recommend, however, that this be done as a courtesy, as the customer’s peace of mind will translate to better CSI and retention.

Don’t just eliminate SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19), eliminate stale odors, bacterial, and allergens, too. Being that it is non-toxic and EPA/NSF registered as a D-2 no-rinse spray, you can have peace of mind that there won’t be any added liability when using the product. It’s safe enough to spray on the skin but tough enough to kill 99.999% of what it comes in contact with.

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